[Mageia-dev] PLEASE READ. Package adoption campaign: status report (mine, and yours)

Claire Revillet grenoya at zarb.org
Fri Sep 30 10:31:25 CEST 2011

Le 30/09/11 00:57, Samuel Verschelde a écrit :


> - did you grab all the packages you want and can maintain already ?
> (not a rhetorical question, this will help to know if there's still room for
> improvement or if the current campaign has reached a limit). If the answer
> is no, I would be very grateful if you could update your maintainer status
> before next packager meeting.
I may have take more than I can maintain, so I stop there :)

> - are there some packages you would have wanted to help to maintain within
> a group of maintainers, but for which you are not ready to put your name
> alone ? Can you name a few examples ?
I would be ok to help maintaining maxima, but not alone.
A big part, I can not do myself, for maxima would be to add the last 
lisp compiler in the distro. Not done now because it need bootstraping :\


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