[Mageia-dev] PLEASE READ. Package adoption campaign: status report (mine, and yours)

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Fri Sep 30 13:24:14 CEST 2011

Op vrijdag 30 september 2011 00:57:22 schreef Samuel Verschelde:
> Please every packager read this mail, there's a call for feedback.
> - did you grab all the packages you want and can maintain already ?
> (not a rhetorical question, this will help to know if there's still room
> for improvement or if the current campaign has reached a limit). If the
> answer is no, I would be very grateful if you could update your maintainer
> status before next packager meeting.

maybe i can take on a few more; allthough i still have some bug reports 
assigned to me that are still open...

> - are there some packages you would have wanted to help to maintain within
> a group of maintainers, but for which you are not ready to put your name
> alone ? Can you name a few examples ?

Earlier i sent an email regarding these unmaintained packages, with a 
suggestions if the maintainers of these other similar tools could take these, 
if they don't, i may take them.

cdrkit -> dvd+rw-tools
iproute2 -> iptables
spec-helper -> rpm

also about apache, i've done a few security patches for the stable version, so 
i might be able to help out with this, but i can't completely take on apache 
for myself, especially since i don't really use cauldron.

> - do you have comments about the package adoption campaign, or suggestions
> ?
> Now, various tools:
> - flat list, automatically updated:
> http://pkgsubmit.mageia.org/data/unmaintained.txt - same list, manually
> updated a few minutes ago, with the number of commits per packager for
> each unmaintained package:
> http://stormi.lautre.net/fichiers/mageia/unmaintained-per-committers.txt
> - (coming soon, from you if you want, or me later) a script that gives you
> the list of unmaintained packages that are installed on your system

500 unmaintained on my building system

> Best regards
> Samuel Verschelde

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