[Mageia-dev] Adding Java-Policy

Renaud MICHEL r.h.michel+mageia at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 18:11:49 CET 2011

I am still a padawan packager, but I plan to work on java packages.
On jeudi 06 janvier 2011 at 15:18, Daniel Kreuter wrote :
> i'm working on http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Java_Packaging_Policy that
> policy.  On mandriva wiki it's marked as obsolete and while reading over
> it it seems that it's not needed in Mageia because we could use the
> openjdk instead of ejc or gcj.
> What do you think?

That page is clearly outdated, but I think it would be good to have an up-
to-date java policy for Mageia.

I think the main focus should now be openjdk, and gcj should be optional.
It is briefly mentioned in the page you refer to at the section "GCJ and 
native code" that gcj AOT libraries could be put in an optional package.
Debian already does this, for example
So the base package containing the jars can be noarch, and only the optional 
*-gcj package is arch specific and requires gcj.
And, as many java programs simply won't work with gcj, those optional 
packages would only be provided for programs/libraries that actually work 
with gcj.

Renaud Michel

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