[Mageia-dev] News of the front: first commits and mentoring start

Anne nicolas ennael1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 00:25:51 CET 2011

Hi there

As planned in our last meeting, work has started with about 40
packagers who had already packager account in Mandriva Linux. They are
at the moment creating their account, getting right access and
importing first packages. In same time submit process of packages is
nearly done and tests are in progress. Base system packages are
getting submitted in tree.

In same time we will start mentoring on people who said to be already
familiar with packaging so that they can join packagers team as soon
as possible, mainly Blograke and mandrivausers.de packagers. Below are
lists of mentors and trainees. Please have a look on it and ask for
mentor to start process.

Anssi Hannula (Anssi) - anssi.hannula at iki.fi - Can mentor several people
Jérôme Quelin (jquelin) - jquelin at gmail.com - can mentor several people
Rémy CLOUARD (shikamaru) - shikamaru at shikamaru.fr - Can mentor one
person at a time
Philippe Makowski (philippeM) - makowski.mageia at gmail.com - Can mentor
one person at a time
John Balcaen (mikala) - balcaen.john at gmail.com - Can mentor one
persone at a time

Annubis	 tomasdeltell AT gmx DOT es	 Tomàs Deltell
art_bender	 bartbender at gmail.com	 Jose Fernández Rosa
Bersuit	 	bersuit.vera AT gmail DOT com	 Alfonso Vera
bertux	 	b at juglas point name	 Bertrand Juglas
deap	 	dpernot!at!gmail[dot]com	 David Pernot
doktor5000	doktor5000 AT arcor DOT de	 Florian Hubold
dorileo		ldorileo [at] gmail.com	 Leandro Dorileo
drivael		rafael at drivael dot com	 Rafael Drivael
gejo		gejobj AT gmail DOT com	 Gerardo Bueno
GregoryBravas	 gigartua AT gmail DOT com	 Gonzalo Igartua
jhenin	 	heninj~gmail	 Jérôme Hénin
legner		legnerquero [AT] gmail [DOT] com	 Egner Quero
obgr_seneca	 oliver.bgr AT googlemail DOT com	 Oliver Burger
pernn	 p	ercy dot lau at gmail dot com	 LiuPeng
tombhadAC	 tombhadAC [at] haibox [dot] net	 Daniel Wünsch
VaCi0	 	cvargas [at] linuxmail [dot] org	 César Vargas
venbea	 	juan[dot]gamez[at]gmail[dot]com	 Juan Gamez



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