[Mageia-dev] packages importing: what replaces rpm-mandriva-setup-build

Per Øyvind Karlsen peroyvind at mandriva.org
Sun Jan 9 05:04:59 CET 2011

2011/1/9 Anssi Hannula <anssi.hannula at iki.fi>:
> On 08.01.2011 17:08, Jerome Quelin wrote:
>> hi,
>> perl does:
>>     BuildRequires: rpm-mandriva-setup-build >= 1.8
>> what should it be translated to? rpm-mageia-setup-build?
>> or nothing at all, since we'll have the latest & greatest version? :-)
> I'd say it could be made simply "rpm-setup-build" (i.e. merging both
Yupp, that would be a more uhm.. canonical/binary package compatible
approach, but of course, one would have to go through the huge task of
adding the provides for it to the package. ;)
> "rpm-mandriva-setup" and "rpm-manbo-setup" to "rpm-setup"),
Yes, the need for a separate rpm-manbo-setup package isn't really
there anymore..
> but I guess that really depends on how the rpm*setup maintainer/importer
> handles it :)
I personally haven't really cared too much about making any big
changes to these packages, a lot of their content is either derived
from rpm5 upstream or made their way into rpm5 upstream from them.
making a lot of it redundant (ie. I plan on start dropping what's
redundant once rpm 5.3.7 hits main/release in cooker). I plan on
reviewing all of it and merge/replace what's appropriate in a generic
way upstream, eventually phasing out these and other packages that
carries local macros, helper scripts etc. required for building rpm
packages in the distribution.
The goal of doing so is to try standardize functionality, practices,
policies etc. used for building packages upstream and clean up our
packaging to make it easier and less messy to maintain (ie. one
example is disttag & distepoch replacing our own %mkrel, and also
moved out of the individual spec files)..

I don't know much about your plans are for what direction to choose
for rpm (my bias is rather obvious, but refactorization & maintenance
is rathed rather high on my priority list, making me tout rpm5;), but
I don't mind try adapting if going in a different direction or putting
any decission on hold; if you're interested in sharing maintenance
efforts rather than forking these things completely and maintain on
your own, it's not very painful for me to make changes conditional
rather than dropping what's no longer in use..
For any new features implemented and adopted, you'll have to
cherry-pick and port yourself to stay compatible, I'm too comfortable
with not having to relate to two different APIs and codebases anymore
now (if interested, I could help assist you on writing something
equivalent for compatibility wrapping similar to what I did in the
past with rpm4compat.h & rpm46compat.h to make ie. URPM able to use
rpm 4.4 & 4.6 api with rpm5, let's say rpm5compat.h or something).

Whatever you end up doing, don't be afraid of asking or trying to
communicate on, the mutual benefits of collaboration are rather
obvious. <;o)
If not, sorry for imposing.

Per Øyviind

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