[Mageia-dev] Proposal for Mageia: implement bitorrent protocol to allow updates download

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Jan 13 10:24:24 CET 2011

Olivier Thauvin a écrit :
> * andre999 (andr55 at laposte.net) wrote:
>> Olivier Thauvin a écrit :
> ...
> I also think my mirror have first to serve my work, and time to time
> my colleague complain about slowdown cause by external downloader (eg
> YOU).

This is another excellant case for controling access.
Perhaps by refusing multiple connexions (by client) or bandwidth quotas 
(by client) or lower priority for mirror access -- or whatever you think 

> Here my POV:
> 1) I am mirror admin and get tired of abuse
> 2) I am mirror manager for the distro
> a) According the fact doing this create an huge load on some mirrors,
> b) according we'll have to search mirror around the world and the distrib
>    size is already a problem
> c) according doing this can discourage people offering space and bandwidth
>    for us
> I am aginst such things.
> I cannot deny you to do this, but don't complain if no mirror agree to
> serve you.

Ok, I would say that in most respects we agree.
1) The mirror site should take _whatever action they feel is 
appropriate_ to ensure that they are not overloaded, including 
restricting the number of connexions per user, bandwidth quotas, etc.

2) A non-dedicated mirror (in most cases) should do whatever is 
necessary to give priority to its non-mirror activities.

3) Downloaders should generally use multiple mirrors if they use 
multiple connexions.

and probably many other points that don't come to mind.

However I feel that
4) It is reasonable for downloaders to use multiple connexions per 
mirror, as long as they don't bypass the controls put in place by the 
mirror.  Not only reasonable, but actually desirable in terms of using 
otherwise unused download capacity that occurs from time to time, and 
thus enhancing general download access.

There is another factor that may not have been considered.  Many 
downloaders will be slowed by their internet access or other non-mirror 
factors, which will very much increase the likelihood that mirrors have 
unused bandwidth at various times.  Increasing the utility -- from both 
sides -- of multiple connexions.

BTW, I understand very well the complexity and frustration that can be 
associated with administering a site, be it a mirror or otherwise. 
Especially for configuring appropriately.
The trick, of course, is getting there :)

In any case, we can disagree on some points and still contribute 
together, in our various ways, to Mageia.
That is the most important factor.

regards :)

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