[Mageia-dev] package import policy

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 01:01:33 CET 2011

The wiki page lists method to import a package:
( http://www.mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=packaging )

so, i followed every step, then contacted my mentor, only it seems the process 
is not used like that; it seems 2 ways are used; and the one used most (by 
people i know) is not the one that is on the wiki page.

So, i would like to list both on the wiki page, so it is clearer.

this is what i would put for in between step 4 and 5

  - a second possibility is:
    - Read the [[svn-faq|FAQ]] about the new SVN
    - Download the SRPM from a Mandriva Mirror. The rationale behind this is 
to keep history for past changes in the RPM (there is a pre-rpm5 mdv srpm 
mirror http://tmb.mine.nu/Mageia/Cauldron/mdv-SRPMS-pre-rpm5/ )
    - Check it does not have unlicensed Mandriva stuff: image (icons), video, 
audio files, other
    - Check it does have a clear, explicit license with it.
    - Check software license ( free or not, existence of license file)
    - Rebuild the SRPM (with bm -sl for instance)
    - Import the packages with **mgarepo** import package.src.rpm. Be sure to 
run this command under your ssh-agent, otherwise import will fail
    - Check out the imported version in a repository with mgarepo
    - Check it does not have "mandriva" / "mandrake" occurrences used as a 
brand/name in the software (history/changelog is ok, emails for references are 
    - Update software on last stable version
    - Send patches upstream if possible
    - Remove useless cruft ( like macro that no longer apply )
      - Buildroot is no longer necessary
      - %mdkversion
      - ldconfig in post (handled by filetriggers)
    - commit the update with a good commit message.

any objections?

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