[Mageia-dev] the state of perl rebuild

Buchan Milne bgmilne at staff.telkomsa.net
Mon Jan 24 14:29:59 CET 2011

On Monday, 24 January 2011 13:37:19 Jerome Quelin wrote:
> hi,
> some news regarding perl modules rebuilding...
> i'm going my way through the existing modules, rebuilding them in order.
> i've already rebuild ~1700 of them - remains 600.
> in the meantime, i've blacklisted some of the rebuilds due to missing
> non-perl prereqs, build errors that i don't have the time to investigate
> (yet), etc. so it's a perfect opportunity for you to step in and help if
> you have some tuits to spare.
> here's the list of blacklist, with respective problem:


> perl-Heimdal-Kadm5                          miss heimdal-devel

Due to lack of time, I haven't been able to be involved in the packaging 
meetings up to now. However, now that I have fixed the most pressing issues in 
CatDap, I would like to get some of my Mandriva packages into Mageia.

However, I haven't seen an authoritative indication of what software should go 
into which repository. If there is only to be one 'core' repository, and all 
main+contrib should go there, then I will look at uploading heimdal (and 
various other packages) there.

However, that brings up some other questions. Which Kerberos implementation 
are we going to use as the "default" ? Heimdal has some interesting features 
(I think especially of the kcm Kerberos credential manager, allowing multiple 
tickets, and a patch for Openssh to allow specification of which ticket to use 
for which hosts in ~/.ssh/config).


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