[Mageia-dev] [Mageia-sysadm] [369] mgarepo version 1.9.8

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Jan 28 02:12:48 CET 2011

Le vendredi 28 janvier 2011 à 01:10 +0100, root at mageia.org a écrit :
> Revision: 369
> Author:   boklm
> Date:     2011-01-28 01:10:36 +0100 (Fri, 28 Jan 2011)
> Log Message:
> -----------
> mgarepo version 1.9.8

It would be nice to place the tarball of mgarepo on the mirror, in

This way, we could package it cleanly for other distributions ( ie, I
intend to use it on my fedora laptop, and I think we could push it to
cooker directly with a tarball ), devise a working procedure for that
( ie, if we want to distribute other software to be reused, as the lack
of tarball was IMHO a major problem in the past, leading to lack of
reuse ), and at least have something on mirrors.

here is the scheme I propose :

and once we have a key, sign this with a pgp key for all softwares ( per
project key seems overkill ).

Ideally, we should find a way to send a tarball on the mirror, either
with automatic hooks on svn/git/whatever, or by uploading a file.

But for now, doing it manually for mgarepo seems sufficient. 
Michael Scherer

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