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Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Jan 28 13:29:53 CET 2011

Le vendredi 28 janvier 2011 à 09:10 +0100, David Sjölin a écrit :
> Hello!

> My name is David (Zarniwoop), and I signed up a while back for
> participating in the Mageia dev-team among with other teams, but since
> then I haven't heard anything. I've now been in contact with Maertens
> who asked me to email on the mailinglist and let you all know who I am
> and what I hope to participate with, so here goes:

Welcome on board.
We are still quite busy producing a bootable distribution to be released
so indeed, we couldn't start formally all teams at the same moment.
But you can still help, it just requires to follow more what we do,
where we work. 

Derek proposed to list junior job somewhere on the wiki, and direct
people there, so if you have others ideas on how we can help newer
community member, do not hesitate.

> My participation:
> I haven't participated in distribution development before so I'm
> pretty new at this, but I want to help out wherever I can. I think I
> can be of most use with C-programming. I prefer low-level programming
> as opposed to GUI, but am eager to learn so if I get some pointers
> I'll try to help out wherever needed. Since I don't have any
> experience from distro development I'm hoping someone more experienced
> could point me in the right direction.

Distribution development is usually more a integration work.
But we still usually have bug fixes and features to code. Now, for C
coders, I do not have much ideas ( at least, nothing "easy", because we
have the kernel, glibc, gcc, rpm, and so on ).

So far, we are not in a state where we can devote much time to give
detailed projects nor have a complete infrastructure ( like the forge
that we keep talking about ), so it is quite rough, but nothing that
prevent contribution. 

But if you are new, you may indeed face some hurdle that can be long
forgotten by more experienced contributers ( like the workflow, the way
git/svn work, where to discuss change, etc ). So if you have question do
not hesitate, we will try to answer ( and if the answer is not clear ask
again, I usually assume a great autonomy from most people when it come
to find how to use stuff, but I guess that's because i forgot the time I
started doing free software ).

Michael Scherer

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