[Mageia-dev] announcing magpie

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 12:17:48 CET 2011


i'm happy to report that magpie 1.110320 is now available.

On 11/01/24 16:42 +0100, Jerome Quelin wrote:
> in my mdv->mageia conversion, i promised to gather the various scripts
> i'm using to maintain the bulk of perl packages and provide them for
> everyone to use.
> so i'm pleased to announce magpie: MAGeia Perl Integration Easy

magpie now features a new command: checkout (alias co).

it is *not* meant to replace "mgarepo co", it does in fact use mgarepo
underneath. so what does this command add?

- the possibility to check out in a given directory
    $ magpie co -d ~/rpm/cauldron perl

- the fact that it will either check out *or* update the local check-out
  if it already exists:
    $ magpie co -d ~/rpm/cauldron perl
    # check-out if 1st run, update otherwise

- finally, the possibility to dump a shell command to execute to change
  directory in the fresh check-out:

    # add this in your ~/.bashrc
    function cco() { eval $(magpie co -d ~/rpm/cauldron -q -s $*); }
    # then, one can do a fresh checkout/update + cd by issuing:
    $ cco perl

nothing revolutionary, but it saves some keystrokes here and there.

in the future, i intend to make this command to accept a perl module to
automatically check-out the matching package:
    $ magpie co Foo::Bar

jquelin at gmail.com

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