[Mageia-dev] BugSquad initiation!

Ahmad Samir ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 17:35:17 CET 2011

This is copy of email that was sent some time ago (about two weeks) to
the bugsquad mailing list, and to everyone who put his name down in
the triage page in the wiki.

After discussions, it was seen wise to send a fresh copy to the
Mageia-dev and Mageia-discuss mailing lists, in the hope that people
who are interested in triage work can participate :)

Please *reply to* this email directly on the mageia-bugsquad mailing
list (please be careful as this email has -dev and -discussion lists
in CC :)).

This is just an introduction email, to get the team started/organised.
Unlike other teams we are not in a rush, since, well, we still don't
have any bugs (something you probably won't hear/read ever again :));
still it's a good idea to start now.

As you can see on the triage page:
http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=triage There's now a documentation
section, it's recommended to read those articles carefully (don't
worry, it's not as complex as it looks, if you've ever used a bugzilla
you already know a lot of the information in those articles).

The communications methods will be:
- The BugSquad Mailing list:
- Our own IRC channel #mageia-bugsquad on Freenode.

We're going to hold the BugSquad first meeting on IRC,
#mageia-bugsquad on Freenode at 20h UTC ('date -u' in terminal on your
system will show the time in UTC) on Tuesday the 25th of January.

Using IRC is quite simple, use any IRC client from the repos, Quassel,
Konversation, xchat-gnome, kvirc; most of them are configured to join
Freenode by default, you just join #mageia-bugsquad channel; easiest
way is typing this command in the input box (after you connect to

/join #mageia-bugsquad

Ahmad Samir

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