[Mageia-dev] looking for a padawan

Tityron tityron at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 20:05:01 CET 2011


> so, if someone is looking for a mentor, now is the time to speak...

I'm looking for a mentor :-)

>     - people with packaging experience (this way, we can increase the
>       packagers pool faster)

I have some packaging experience.  I created my first rpm package about
ten years ago, and created a few since then.  I guess I can say I'm
comfortable with the packaging process with the exception of the rules
specific to each distribution.  In other words, I packaged stuff for my
own use, without following any guidelines with regard to versioning,
naming, etc.  The mentoring I need most would be what is appropriate to
do in a Mageia package, like where to put documentation (for example
some docs go with a lib package, some others go in the devel package),
how to use modern macros (I've seen a "dist" macro recently for example
in a Fedora package), etc.

>     - people not too far from my timezone (i'm in lyon, france, met)

I'm in France too.

I'm mostly interested in packaging new software.  I often find myself
wanting to test something, say a jackd-enabled application, and can't
find it in the repository.  Or some miscellaneous devel packages.  But
I'm willing to take over some unmaintained packages too.

Let me know.


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