[Mageia-dev] packaging for Mageia

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 17:49:39 CET 2011

Op vrijdag 04 februari 2011 17:16:09 schreef Florent Monnier:
> Hi,
> I was (or I still am?) maintainer for these packages:
> http://maint.mandriva.com/listpkgs.php?owner=105
> I have not read the 5000 mails of the lists yet,
> but I have seen the occurrence of "buildsystem",
> so my question is should I join the team now to
> provide the equivalent packages, or should I wait
> (maybe wait that the first installable mageia is out) ?

the keypoint is that everyone who wants to be a packager (including mandriva 
packagers) needs some training (mentoring), so, the best way is to subscribe 
to the mailing-lists, note yourself on the packaging team on the wiki, and try 
to find a mentor, if you're a mandriva packager, it should be a fast process 
(ie: just the differences between mdv and mga), and perhaps you will be 
available to mentor anyone else afterwards.

AFAIK jq (jquelin) can still mentor someone. (there is a thread for that as 

i will note that it is FOSDEM atm, and alot of devs and founders will be 
there, so you might not get quick responses.

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