[Mageia-dev] looking for a padawan

Michał Walenciak kicer86 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 09:03:15 CET 2011

Dnia czwartek 03 lutego 2011 o 18:58:05 Jerome Quelin napisał(a):

> if there are lots of candidates (and looking at
> http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=packaging#list_of_registered_people,
> there should be quite a lot), i'll priorize on the following criteria in
> order:
>     - people with packaging experience (this way, we can increase the
>       packagers pool faster)

I see on the [dev], you have already found someone, but maybe I can join too?

I've some experience in creating rpms, I've made some for my mandriva (ie gcc, 
kernel, firefox, and some less known soft ;) )

The only problem is that currently i don't have much time, I'd like to start 
in a few/several days/weeks. Is it ok?


ps I'm from poland so I guess it's only +1h ;)

Michał Walenciak
gmail.com kicer86
gg: 3729519

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