[Mageia-dev] New mockups about mageia-app-db

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Feb 7 18:02:28 CET 2011

Le lundi 07 février 2011 à 00:17 +0100, Fabrice Facorat a écrit :
> 2011/2/6 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:
> >
> > also here, i mean something like this: "Mageia 2011" and "Mageia 2012"
> this won't scale when you will have more and more release, except if
> you plan to show only 2 releases, and so to support a mandriva release
> only during 2 releases cycles.

Technically, that not mandriva, but mageia :)

And since one of the goal of the tool is to manage people who ask for
backports, as said on http://mageia-app-db.tuxette.fr/projects/1/wiki ,
it make sense to limit this to supported releases. 

>From a ressource point of view, I do not think it would be wise to keep
everything ( ie, to still keep stuff server side to change all
releases ). And limiting the releases supported on every tools we use
would also remove clutter on various part of the interface ( ie bugzilla
among others, or forums ).

So yes, just show only X releases by default make perfect sense, IMHO
Michael Scherer

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