[Mageia-dev] announcing magpie

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 16:05:10 CET 2011


i'm happy to announce magpie 1.110390

On 11/01/24 16:42 +0100, Jerome Quelin wrote:
> in my mdv->mageia conversion, i promised to gather the various scripts
> i'm using to maintain the bulk of perl packages and provide them for
> everyone to use.
> so i'm pleased to announce magpie: MAGeia Perl Integration Easy
> it's available as a perl distribution on cpan (of course), and as a
> package for mageia (i know, mirroring is not yet started).

this release brings a new subcommand: magpie fixspec

as you can guess, this command will try to sanitize a spec file a bit.
to use it, you must be in a package checkout, and run it without any

    $ eval $( magpie co perl-Foo-Bar )
    $ magpie fixspec -v

    # to see the list of options
    $ magpie help fix

among the things done:
- it updates %doc depending on the existing files, including meta files
- it splits multiple bundled build-/requires to have only one per line
- it lines up vertically the summary / etc
- it extracts perl buildrequires from meta.json/meta.yml if present
- it removes buildroot definition
- it removes mdv macros

note that the code is not really clean, it might gain from being in its
own module, with real rpm parsing instead of big regexes. also, it
assumes that we're cleaning a perl module spec file, so you're on your
own if you're using it on other spec file: it might remove the whole
svn, eat your babies, or even convert your rpm database to rpm5. you've
been warned. :-)

jquelin at gmail.com

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