[Mageia-dev] Virtual machine image distribution

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 18:09:29 CET 2011

Op maandag 14 februari 2011 13:28:00 schreef Michael Scherer:
> Hi,
> while debugging the last issues for iso for alpha 1, Anne reminded us
> that some people asked in the past for appliance ( ie, virtual machine )
> to be distributed along the isos on mirrors.
> While we will likely not do for the next release ( due tomorrow ), I
> would like to have some feedback about it ( as i seldom use such
> features, I prefer to install my vm myself ).
> There is some question to answer :
> - what technology would people like to see ? ( remember, this has to be
> something that can be created using free softwares in the distribution )
> - what type of hardware should be emulated ( i586/x86_64, sound card,
> etc ? )
> - what should be distributed along the disk image ?
> - what kind of installation ? Ie, a default user with a default
> documented password, but for issue such as language, size of the disk,
> partitionning, set of installation package, this is more tricky.
> Who would be interested by this feature ? Some has example of
> company/group doing the same that he could comment ( I found several
> people doing the same, but no time to look at details ) ?

i would like a x86_64 vdi (vbox) one with vbox guest additions on it.

Also one that can act like a buildnode (uirt setup properly to work out of the 
box: that can build for both archs; and for cauldron and for stable1 in 
chroots), which i can use for building stuff, preferably with urpmi-proxy on 

I'm willing to spend time on making this "buildnode" to work properly.

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