[Mageia-dev] Mirrors opened

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Feb 14 20:51:03 CET 2011


since the iso for alpha 1 is soon to be released, we have also placed
the rpms on the mirrors now everything is ready to be released. 

For the moment of course, not everything is finished, we are still
working on various parts :
- list of mirror should be ready soon ( nanar is on it, updating
mga::mirrors, and tmb is updating urpmi to take the new mirror list in
account, so this should be ready once I finished this mail )

- update of package on the mirror is not automatic ( pterjan was working
on it, we didn't enable as we wanted to avoid broken hdlists being
propagated )

- there is likely lots of issues when upgrading from cooker, be it pre
rpm5 or not ( some fearless testers who were hitting f5 to refresh the
page just started to upgrade before announce and reported various
problems like missing deps and rpms, we know ). Do not hesitate to
report here the biggest ones. We know that no all rpm have been
imported, so there will be problem.

- there is no boot.iso or anything yet, as ennael is still working on
the latest fix for the iso ready for tomorow.

- the artwork is either very nice ( the part that the art-team was able
to produce, kudos for them ) or less nice ( the part were packagers
discovered that kpaint is like ms paint ). So do not judge the graphical
apparence yet, as this is not the definite design. This is a alpha 1, do
not forget :)

But despites all of this, people should be able to start to install
chroot, and test upgrade ( remember, that's a work in progress of
another work in progress ).

The rest of the infrastructure will come later ( changelog ml,
maintainers db, etc ), and the bugzilla is almost ready to be used ( bug
team just want last final touch on it before announcing it to be ready,
so this will wait tomorow )
Michael Scherer

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