[Mageia-dev] meeting for packagers tonight

Anne nicolas ennael1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 01:16:12 CET 2011

>> I'm tempted to answer "no, we plan to keep it broken" :). For this one also
>> I guess a simple bug report will be enough (if it has not been already
>> filed).
> i didn't submit bug yet
>> >  - rescue would be usefull
>> I guess there will be one, but I don't see that as an urgent task.

Cleaning for rescue was not finalized for release. Was not blocker for alpha

>> >  - if possible some smaller isos, since most other packages can be found
>> >
>> > online, and i'm pretty sure most people don't need all this? if possible
>> > < 700MB ?
>> The blog post says live CDs will come later.
> i'm not talking about live CDs, i just would like a smaller iso so it's easier
> to test.

Dual iso will be available for next alpha. No time to do it in this first alpha


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