[Mageia-dev] So, you want to become a mageia packager

Pierre Chaland pierre.chaland at tsf47.net
Sun Feb 20 23:49:24 CET 2011

Le samedi 19 février 2011 21:18:48 Remy CLOUARD, vous avez écrit :
> Hi there,
> As the title says so, this mail is intended to all people who would like
> to become a packager, but who don’t know where to look, what’s the path,
> what to do.
> As you may or may not know, mentoring started a few weeks ago, with some
> people who are already quite experienced in packaging.
> These people are making progress quite quickly, and will soon be able to
> be full-fledged packagers. Now, many of you would like to do that too.
> So how to get started ?
> -----------------------
> Well, there are several things you can already do.
> First, I suggest you to join #mageia-mentoring so that you can ask any
> question you’d like to people who are already packagers. Don’t hesitate
> to ask anything, there’s no stupid question. If you don’t get an
> immediate answer, don’t hesitate to ping us
> It would also be great that other mentors join the channel as well, so
> that we can answer people. At the moment ahmad, mikala, anssi, Nanar and
> I are on the channel.
> I know nothing about packaging, could you give me a pointer ?
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> There’s a documentation that tries to summarize how to do a rpm on this
> page:
> http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=rpm_start
> Don’t be afraid by the size of the page, take your time to read it.
> We would appreciate some feedbacks about this documentation. Tell us if
> some things are not clear, so that we can rephrase it, so that we can
> explain it to you.
> It’s not that hard really, and I suggest you to take a look at an
> existing spec to see how it’s done.
> At the moment, many packages have been imported, but many packages are
> also waiting for someone to maintain it. You can have a list of
> unmaintained packages here:
> http://maint.mandriva.com/listpkgs.php?owner=1
> Beware, check first that the package is not deprecated, unmaintained
> upstream, and start with a small one, not very difficult, like a small
> console app or a game. Again, if some bits are difficult to understand,
> please tell us :-)
> I already know some bits of packaging, would like to package for mageia,
> what can I do ?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Packaging policies represent a good amount of doc that might be
> difficult to learn. You don’t have to know them by heart at first, just
> to know that they exist, and that you should refer to them when you are
> trying to do. For instance, if you’re interested in python packages, you
> don’t have to know the perl packaging policy, but you should know that
> they exist and refer to it if you have a perl dependency to your
> package.
> Package policies are listed in this page :
> http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=policies-review
> You might also have a look at the aforementionned rpm start page in case
> of doubt, and ask packagers when you don’t know.
> Come on #mageia-mentoring, so that you can get in touch with a mentor,
> and if he becomes available, you will be able to start with the various
> tools we use to build packages.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I do hope that this mail gives you a path to start with, please tell me
> if I am missing something, and again don’t be discouraged by the amount
> of documentation you will read.
> Regards,
I try to did what was writen in http://mageia.org/wiki/doku?id=rpm_start
With urpmi I can load ktron rpm.
But if I want to build this same package it cannot find the file.See below.
[pierre at sonypierre rpm]$
 rpm -i/cauldron/SRPMS/core/ktron-4.5.95-1.mga1.src.rpm 
erreur: échec de l'ouverture de 
/cauldron/SRPMS/core/ktron-4.5.95-1.mga1.src.rpm: Aucun fichier ou dossier de 
ce type

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