[Mageia-dev] please keep note of missing dependancies

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 00:23:30 CET 2011


Now and then, i'm refreshing http://pkgsubmit.mageia.org/ and sometimes i 
notice the missing dependancies increasing...

As such, i have no big problem with this, except that i would like this to be 
solved one way or the other when we release final.

however, when i looked at them, i noticed a missing dependancy for "0.5.0", 
which is odd to say the least.

I want to ask packagers when they build packages and follow up the buildstatus 
on http://pkgsubmit.mageia.org/ , that they just takes the extra second of 
time to just look at the missing deps (of course, i heard that the missing 
deps only refresh every 15min, so keep that in mind).

thanks all

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