[Mageia-dev] We must port Mageia to ARM and PowerPC!

André Machado afmachado at dcemail.com
Tue Feb 22 23:53:01 CET 2011

I was watching now and I realized that both mageia and Mandriva have ports for
both i586 and x64 architetures.

When Mageia is released, she will compete directly with Mandriva, even though
this is not your intention, Many Mandriva users will not want to migrate to
Mageia and here is the clever.

Nowadays, they are increasingly common netbooks and tablets with ARM processors.
In addition, there are still people with PowerPC Macs or PlayStations, which
also use this processor.

If we port Mageia for these architectures, we can grab a larger share of users,
including fans of Mandriva, which could run a distro similar to that love on
machines that do not support it.

Of course, this is not a trivial task and maybe cannot be done right now but
think in the short term, this should be viable and will help spread the distro.
It should not be difficult to find someone who has a computer with these
features and want to build the distro. Of course, Mageia Foundation is busy with
Alpha1 and a port would require more tests. Maybe for next year? I ask what are
the difficulties in doing this?

Of course we don't need have a large range of architetures such like Debian or
NetBSD, but these - ARM and PowerPC - are essentials.

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