[Mageia-dev] automagically submitting correctly

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Wed Feb 23 00:07:59 CET 2011

On 23.2.2011 00:54, Maarten Vanraes wrote:
> I've been thinking on submission (since i'm a novice packager, i have no good
> experience with this, so i ended up talking to my mentor on submission stuff).
> So i was thinking:
> .spec files are used to tell the buildbot how to build and package an srpm.
> why don't we have a similar way to do submission? (or even include this in
> spec file?)
> the things is, i want something that should work in most, if not all cases,
> but still be simple.
> what would be interesting:
>   * submission parameters: ie: where to put rpm (core, tainted, non-free)

Not really needed, as it's only the first time you submit a package you 
need to specify repo, after that the bs knows where to put it...

> or nice to have:
>   * make this also work multiple times, for packages that are submitted
> multiple times (think about tainted stuff, that is rebuilt with extra %define),
> and still have only one srpm.

this could be set by default in a separate rebuild bot for tainted repos

>   * bootstrapping options? some way to have %defines that disable some stuff for
> bootstrapping (or even cyclic builddependencies in certain pacakages)
> in short, the idea is to have:
> 1. X, that is simple, elegant and works for all cases
> 2. stuff happens
> 3. profit :-P
> or to make it easier on packagers (and possibly reduce errors in wrong
> submission), so that just "mgarepo submit<package>" would automagically work
> correctly.

That only work if the packager sets the tags correctly...


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