[Mageia-dev] freedesktop spec and categories

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Feb 24 10:50:35 CET 2011

Samuel Verschelde a écrit :
> Le jeudi 24 février 2011 08:27:36, Oliver Burger a écrit :
>> Am Donnerstag 24 Februar 2011, 08:20:41 schrieb Tux99:
>>> I have always hated that apps 'disappear' in the Other folders, can we
>>> not completely get rid of the Other folders, they don't make any sense
>>> (at least intuitively for a user).
>> IIRC this is triggered by the "Categories" entry in the desktop file of the
>> application. I think we would have to patch ALL upstream desktop files to
>>   get rid of it which would be quite a pain.
>> Oliver
> I don't think so. Several Mandriva releases ago, there was no such "More"
> entry, but real sub-categories in the menu. Then it changed for what we have
> now, but that wasn't a change in the .desktop files, rather a menu
> configuration. I guess that was a decision meant to bring "simplicity", but I
> always hated that choice, because nobody can know in advance whether an
> application will show in the first level or be hidden in the "more" section. I
> prefer a 2-level menu tree. If people find that it makes too much clicks, then
> they shouldn't be using the menu but add a shortcut to the applications they
> use regularly in their taskbar or desktop (or just use ALT+F2).
> Regards
> Samuel

Instead of a "plus" sub-sub-menu, which should have only appeared if the 
column was full (it appears before), it should display overflow items in 
a parallel column, as it used to (at least it did with my config of 
With that we don't need another level of menu, nor more clicks.
Just display all the items in the particular sub-menu in alphabetical order.

my 2 cents.

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