[Mageia-dev] Summary of last meeting

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Feb 25 16:03:33 CET 2011

 since we had a problem on the vm ( some scripts that rebooted it by 
 error ) where our
 world famous irc bot is running, the summary of this meeting is done 
 manually :

 topic review of alpha 1

 - good comments and feedback
 - as a good exercise, we should organize a test day
 - adamw proposed to look at 
 - shikamaru proposed to have a developper spring to fix installer after
 - date for test day proposition is 26/02/2011

 topic , missing packages
 - help to reduce the list is needed
 -  http://pkgsubmit.mageia.org/data/missing-deps.i586.txt

 topic others
 - ennael proposed that all packager spend 1 or 2h per week in 
 - ennael will look on finding a agenda so people can add their name

 I will try to add the log if I have time
 Michael Scherer

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