[Mageia-dev] freedesktop spec and categories

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Fri Feb 25 22:20:01 CET 2011

venerdì 25 febbraio 2011 alle 10:33, Michael Scherer ha scritto:
> > And KDE gives you the 
> > "recently used applications" on top of the menu, so the extra step is no big 
> > deal.
> Shall I remind that there is more than KDE in the world ?
Great that is exactly what i feel when i talk with my friends... they all use gnome
though! :p

Anyway it could be very likely to have an application that put at least on top
of the menu the application of that menu that is more recently used.
I think it should be easy since most DEs are near standar desktop implementation
(KDE, lxde and gnome - i left this last :p )

Just a thought,
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