[Mageia-dev] time to switch from raw partitions to lvm?

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Sat Feb 26 06:12:09 CET 2011

Frank Griffin a écrit :
> Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
>> Now with LVM, what do I do?
> Pretty much exactly the same, if that's what you want.  LVM is just a
> layer of indirection that you place on top of *only* those partitions
> you want LVM to control.  It lets you create multiple "virtual"
> partitions each of which includes one or more physical partitions.  In
> the minimal case, you can partition exactly as you would without LVM,
> but make each of the Mageia partitions an LV formatted as ext4 (or
> whatever) rather than a physical ext4.
> The difference is that later on if you need to expand one of these 1-1
> LVM partitions, all you do is create another physical partition
> *somewhere* - either on that physical disk or another you add - and tell
> LVM to make that new physical partition part of the LV you want to
> expand.  The original physical partition on which you based the LVM
> stays exactly where it is without change, and the Logical Volume just
> magically increases in size by the size of the new physical partition
> you added.
> Using LVM for some or all of Mageia has no effect on your ability to use
> standard partitioning for other partitions on these disks.

It occurs to me that LVM (which I have only tested a long time ago) 
would play nicely on a large disk with a gpt partition table.
Just divide the disk into a lot of reasonably-sized partitions (the 
limit for a default gpt table is 128 (primary) partitions, and let LVM 
combine them as appropriate, being dynamically reassociable as needed.

Then if you want to do a clean install of a new Mageia (or other) 
release, could you just reformat the partitions you want (excluding 
/home and whatever other partitions you want to keep), without problem 
with LVM ?

If so, that would be nice.
The trick of course would be to ensure that you assign directories to 
partitions in an appropriate manner.

some random thoughts ... :)


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