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Benoit Audouard baud123 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 07:57:51 CET 2011


2011/2/26 Remy CLOUARD <shikamaru at mandriva.org>

> Hi, you may have or may not have seen it, we plan to do a test day today
> for mageia alpha 1 iso.
>  The plan is to test both install and upgrade from mandriva 2010.1.

I think we've achieved some results :
- IRC is effective for support (we already knew it), thanks to people
joining in #mageia-dev and #mageia-qa :-)
- after packager meeting, blog and ML have been used to let know a test-day
was happening, well on short notice indeed :-) next test-day  will have to
be announced sooner
- documentation currently available for testing can be used afterwards
- IRC chan made some support, though feedback was not formalized :/ (bugs
opened ? mails ?)
- so, the experience may be worth to do again a bit before alpha2 is
published, so that blockers are identified (non-working situation or
critical bug that may have been overlooked). We may review this at next
packager meeting ?

What worked:
- some people came, even for an alpha1
- documentation / check-list is available from
- support is effective when questions are asked

What can be enhanced:
- we may announce sooner, so that people have time to prepare (download iso,
suggest additions to test-plan)
- matrix results? this would show what works, what has been tested and
identify new tests
- identify availabilities along the day (for example, I was only there from
0h42 UTC till 2:00 then 12:00 - 18:00 UTC)
- do not be shy: just ask on irc #mageia-dev or #mageia-qa, you'll get an
answer even if you do not see much activity :)
- even though there's a dedicated test-day, testing is part of the dev
process, do not hesitate to ask on IRC or ML when something unexpectedly
works or (perhaps) does not :-) IMHO, there are many people there for help,
just ask, you may get an answer ;-)

AFAIC, I began testing upgrading from 2010.2 to cauldron in VirtualBox, see
It worked well, better than I expected as it only took 3 hours to upgrade
instead of the usual 4h. Some mdv packages remain as expected, above
expectation is that libreoffice is operational (and replaces completely
openoffice.org), as you may see I've got some bugs to be opened after
checking if they are not already there :) (see the wiki page for detail).
BTW, maybe hwreport can be packaged immediately as a simple rebuild worked
for me (I can maintain the package if needed), see
http://hardware4linux.info/distrib/44407/ (though next step will be hardware
testing, instead of a virtualbox installation). I'll test with smolt in the
following days ;-)

Thanks damsweb, tmb and ali3n, ahmad78 - and all others I may have forgetten
- for quick answers :) and thanks to all that got involved in this test day
(let us know what you achieved, could not do, even if you were at
swimming-pool on this specific day :p). Rendez-vous for preparing alpha2,
see http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=iso_1_specifications for a tentative
planning, if all^Was many of you get involved, we're planning for the best

Looking for next test-day ;-) (and do not hesitate for day to day questions
on irc relating to triage, documentation...).
Ben'. aka baud123
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