[Mageia-dev] Contributors using real name/working email? or not? or maybe?

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 13:47:32 CET 2011

Op vrijdag 04 maart 2011 09:05:02 schreef Buchan Milne:
> On Thursday, 3 March 2011 22:43:25 Maarten Vanraes wrote:
> > I think we need to have a name and email address. however, some options:
> > 
> > 
> > A. possibly "cn" could be editable in identity
> Please stop referring to possibilities that exist as if they don't ... it
> is depressing that people keep assuming things don't work, when one has
> put effort into making them work ...

I'm sorry, i myself have done a few patches to catdap, i know it's there, 

except, i heard that cn was planned to be used as a concatenation of givenName 
and sn; which i could understand as a fill-in default, but not really forced.

What i meant more, is to have a "display Name" thing during registration, more 

> (IOW, if users should *not* be able to edit cn, then there is one
> configuration entry to edit)

(i notice that there is no mention of successfull edit, when doing so)

> > ==> this will allow people to fill in what they want, be it full name,
> > nickname, or full name AND nickname
> > 
> > cn could then be used as the name field
> That is the current situation, at least in bugzilla, and should be in
> forum.
> > B. an email address is required IMHO, and preferably a @mageia.org email
> > address
> > 
> > however, if people wouldn't want to have their email address listed, an
> > extra option is this:
> > 
> > C. how about we make <packagename>@packages.mageia.org, which could use
> > the maintainers database to forward the email to maintainers (in case of
> > more) (this could also be a packagegroup. eg:
> > firefox at packages.mageia.org could refer to maintainers of firefox,
> > xulrunner, etc...) (this option might just be too complex)
> /me notes that this might be easier done in LDAP, as a postfix alias map.
> Which begs the question ... should the maintainer "database" be in LDAP
> instead?
> (BTW., I was thinking along the lines of package groups, with multi-valued
> attribute for package name and maintainer. e.g.:
> dn: cn=firefoxteam,ou=Packages,dc=mageia,dc=org
> objectClass: mageiaPackageGroup
> cn: firefox-team
> mail: firefox at packages.mageia.org
> mageiaPackage: firefox
> mageiaPackage: firefox-en_gb
> mageiaPackage: firefox-ext-firebug
> ....
> mageiaMaintainer: foo at mageia.org
> mageiaMaintainer: bar at mageia.org
> owner: uid=xxx,ou=People,dc=mageia,dc=org
> > D. if people really want to use their own personal email address, perhaps
> > one can be opted-in to use that one. (but this should be decided in a
> > policy and be strict on it either YES/NO)
> Per-user options are difficult to administer, I would prefer the same
> behaviour for everyone, and the choice to provide data at the user's
> discretion. E.g., the current situation, where contributors are requested
> to provide real givenName,sn, but are free to use whatever cn they prefer,
> and all external tools use cn. sn and givenName are only used for
> account/identity validation, legal requirements etc. and all uses of the
> data must respect privacy policy.
> > personally, i like:
> > A, B, C, but vote NO for D.
> > 
> > i would like to use "AL13N <alien at mageia.org>" being used. my real name
> > is kind of not linked the the email address.
> Well, I haven't seen any authoritative statement on whether all
> contributors will have @mageia.org aliases, and some work needs to be done
> for this if it will be provided.

AFAIK, i think from reading founders meetings, this is planned to be rolled 
out on a step by step basis, iirc founders/council has it, and it was planned 
to be rolled out at least to the "recognised peers" of each team.

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