[Mageia-dev] Alpha2 iso content

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Tue Mar 8 21:40:01 CET 2011

Quote: Maarten Vanraes wrote on Mon, 07 March 2011 20:28

> imho, there is just no good one except xine-ui, but the upstream
> support is 
> dwindling for it, and their own toolkitted stuff just doesn't look good
> anymore.
> i was thinking, even though i use kde, maybe gxine would be ok.

Personally I still use xine-ui for DVD playback but my next best choice for
DVDs would be totem (since it uses the xine libs).

Otherwise smplayer is probably the best general purpose GUI based video
media player for everything but DVDs (xine still handles DVD menus
noticeably better than (s)mplayer, even when using 'mplayer dvdnav://' ).

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