[Mageia-dev] RPM5 AND MAGEIA

Per Øyvind Karlsen peroyvind at mandriva.org
Wed Mar 9 01:31:05 CET 2011

2011/3/9 Ahmad Samir <ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com>:
> 2011/3/9 Raphaël Jadot <ashledombos at hodo.fr>:
>> 2011/3/8 Balcaen John <balcaen.john at gmail.com>:
>>> Le Tuesday 08 March 2011 18:11:11, Per Øyvind Karlsen a écrit :
>>> [...]
>>>> Tsktsk, my post probably ends up being labelled as flamebait, troll, too
>>>> long and boring, biased and what not..
>>> [...]
>>> This list is not write only...
>>> If you've got personnal problem with dmorgan just send him a personal email i
>>> don't care, but i guess that ennael wrote 3 hours before this last mail from
>>> you that mageia seems to have choose rpm.org so maybe we can really close this
>>> subject/thread for now instead of talking again & again about the fantastic
>>> rpm(5).org feature/upstream/it's a revolution/another apple commercial
>>> here/etc etc.
>>> It's just boring...
>> mm ?
>> I have not the feeling that it was the subject... i read again... ok
>> he seems to have a great +1 to rpm5, but i did not see that he wanted
>> insisted or moan in order we use rpm5...
>> The mails are hard to read, and long, and very technicals,  but what
>> catched my eyes is some things like
>> "level of compatibility" between Mageia & rpm5 is far greater than any
>> other (with
>> other rpm5 based distros being more compatible with Mageia than Mageia
>> is with non-rpm5 based distros as well"
>> So it doesn't mean we have to move to rpm5 for being compatible with
>> rpm5, so where is the problem ?
>> I just wonder, why having discussions about technical things like
>> adults is impossible ? are rpm.org and rpm5 religions ?
>> So if Per Oyvind offers help, unless there are hidden things i do not
>> understand, and if he can improve rpm.org or compatibility stuff or
>> whatever, why nobody says "ok, why not, tell us, maybe you could help,
>> maybe not" Did not find it (at least in this ML)
>> Seems it's not the first time, in this mail
>> https://www.mageia.org/pipermail/mageia-dev/20110109/002024.html
>> he told  "(if interested, I could help assist you on writing something
>> equivalent for compatibility wrapping similar to what I did in the
>> past with rpm4compat.h & rpm46compat.h to make ie. URPM able to use
>> rpm 4.4 & 4.6 api with rpm5, let's say rpm5compat.h or something).
>> Whatever you end up doing, don't be afraid of asking or trying to
>> communicate on, the mutual benefits of collaboration are rather
>> obvious. <;o)
>> If not, sorry for imposing."
>> This mail had no answer, so what, is this guy a kind of antichrist of
>> rpm , talking with sugar words and trying to backstab you ?
>> And at least, If the question are asked over and over, why is there so
>> few things in archives about it ? Sure every one knows mageia will not
>> hurry to go to rpm5 tomorow, and so what ? If some are bored about
>> some related questions, why not opening a FAQ that explain it, or that
>> just point to the related archive/topic (which could be this one) ?
>> Sorry but I hate people bashing when i don't understand it. So if
>> there are personal anger, try to get over, or explain and communicate
>> better.
>> RJ
> Hi,
> How many times is Mageia going to say "thanks, but no thanks"? how
Thanks, but no thanks to what exactly..?
I don't really think you'll find many posts supporting much evidence for
me really trying to push much more usually than actual advice, suggestions,
answers to questions and offers to help and interest in discuss details
on this list.
> many more bug reports/breakage does cooker have to suffer to make it
> clear that Mageia doesn't want the same headache, in the near future
> at all?
Your lack of attention span is intriguing, even after Raphaël finds
and tries handfeed you the same things I've reiterated over and
over, you're still not able to grasp that I am *not* pushing any rpm5,
magic beans or dead babies on you and makes up this to be the
actual issue.

> Personally I don't want to see mageia-dev ML have the same
> rpm5-main-water-pipe explode in it like what happened in cooker@,
> suddenly rpm5 is the answer to everything, from Jeff Johnson's point
> of view, well, good for you. :)
Yeah, clueless and as little technical posts as possible are much more
preferred, the contributions by posts such as this one from you gives a
much nicer and healthy environment for everyone to be happy with.
It's called progress! :|

> You wanna know why people can't communicate better? see how long
> proyvind's emails usually are. You didn't get bored? :)
I don't think you'll find many other posts to mageia lists by me that's
very lengthy at all previously otherwise. And with the given length,
it works well
at exploiting the short attention span and lack of interest from many,
weeding out ignorant dumbshit and FUD from people I have no interest
in any input from to begin with..
If too technical and of no interest to you, then simply don't read it and
we're both happy. If getting bored  becomes a problem, go play on the
highway, I didn't have much interest in providing you with entertainment
to begin with..

You could've shown the curtousy of coming of as at least trying to pretend
not to come of as too obvious of a troll..

Per Øyvind

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