[Mageia-dev] help wanted for building a buildnode-in-a-VM

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 00:06:08 CET 2011


for the purpose of testing package building locally;
 - you're a careful packager and test out everything locally before submitting
 - you're a novice packager and want to practise

i would like to make a VM that acts like a buildnode, with the following 
 - mageia system (not mandriva)
 - preferably headless
 - ssh on by default
 - building 32bit AND 64bit packages
 - using chroots to build and preferably having basesystem chroots on it. also 
cleans up so buildrequires are properly tested, and lint checking and what 
else a buildnode normally does.
 - no signing step
 - still as small as possible so it can be put somewhere for downloading.
 - nice to have is possibly a sort of local submission tree so submitting 
could also be practised.

Since i don't know much about the buildsystem, i would like someone to help 
out with these parts; possibly explaining a few things, possibly having some 
usefull scripts to do this.

if someone has added requirements, suggestions, or some info to help me, or 
just interested in helping out with this, by all means.


Maarten (aka AL13N)

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