[Mageia-dev] default kde media player

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Mar 10 09:41:11 CET 2011

Le jeudi 10 mars 2011 à 08:55 +0100, Oliver Burger a écrit :
> There was already a discussion about that in the alpha2 iso thread but I think 
> it's better to discuss this in a thread of its own.
> Most people "voted" for smplayer in the other thread, which would be fine with 
> me. It's qt based (nothing against gtk, but using a gtk based application as 
> default in kde is just weird. try to do it the other way arround and you'll be 
> lynched by gnome fans), its backend mplayer is a powerfull player.
> But: I'm having a strange thing about it on my Mageia box: I start it, I open 
> an ogg file, I play it. I close smplayer, start it again and it won't play the 
> same ogg file anymore. I close smplayer again rm ~/.config/smplayer start it 
> again, it plays my file and so on. Anybody else having the same thing? Is it a 
> bug or just pebcak?
> Others preffered dragon player, which is KDE's default. We could but I don't 
> really like it, since it's a bit too simplistic in my eyes.
> I personally prefer kaffeine. It's working just fine for me, has many more 
> options then dragon player. But some of you told it's not stable enough (in 
> what way?) and some don't like it because it's not using phonon but libxine 
> directly.
> The next option would be totem which I hate (just a personal thing). And it's 
> a gtk application which I consider weird as default in KDE.
> Then there is kmplayer, I haven't really used it till now, but it's working 
> and it's offering you playback of local files, optical media and tv (which I 
> couldn't test due to not existing hardware.
> Next option would be xine-ui which definitely is looking a bit old fashioned.
> Did I forget anything? And what do you think?

I do think that no one mentioned 2 others importants factors :
- maintainability ( ie, something with a sane way of doing thing, that
exclude stuff based on libffmpeg ), that also mean a sane packaging
( ie, being able to separate plugins is IMHO better , especially for a
patent minefield ).

- security, again, no one took that in account ( given
http://caca.zoy.org/wiki/zzuf/bugs , I am again not very keen on relying
on xine or mplayer personally )

Michael Scherer

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