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JA Magallón jamagallon at ono.com
Thu Mar 10 23:38:56 CET 2011

On Thu, 10 Mar 2011 23:10:59 +0100, Rémi Verschelde <rverschelde at gmail.com> wrote:

> When you say "media" player, does it concern stricty video playing or
> should the default media player be suitable for both video and audio?
> Personally I like to keep these two separated, I feel that a
> specialised player will best fulfil its purpose than a multimedia
> player like Windows Media Player.

Just a note for all this discussion, it is just my point of view...

All desktops have their own 'standard' or 'official' media players.
I will talk about gnome, you can translate it to kde, for which I have
no idea of which will be the equivalents.

In Gnome, the official video player is totem, and the official
backend is gstreamer. So both things should be installed by default
and with all the codecs needed. if someone says 'I want support for
XViD in the default Gnome install', well, you should install the needed
gstreamer module. So everything should be supported by the standard
official player.

After that, you can install other players, better if they fit the
desktop. For example, after totem I would vote for gnome-mplayer,
the Gnome front end for mplayer. And after that, other 'foreign'
players like VLC or the like.

So what would I put in distrib ISO ? totem and main bunch of
gstreamer codecs, that carries no dicussion, and if there is still
space, gnome-mplayer and mplayer.

I suppose the same can be thought for KDE. Install whatever the
default phonon-based player is, and if there is space, others.

I think nowadays the default official players are capable of playing
the main formats everybody will use (XVid, DiVX, h264, mpeg, mp3 or
ac3 audio, etc...).

> I love to use VLC to play videos, because it's simple, work out of the
> box and efficiently. I have some issues with it (it doesn't manage to
> play some videos with recent hi-res codecs), but I think that is
> related to my crappy hardware - actually my whole Mandriva install is
> crumbling apart. When I have an issue with VLC, I use mplayer
> directly. VLC is one of the most popular video players in France
> (maybe because the VideoLAN project began in Paris?), but I don't know
> if it is widely used in the rest of the world.
> I agree that the play-list of VLC is a bit strange, but since I don't
> use it to listen to music that's not a big problem for me.
> For playing music, I use Clementine, for I liked Amarok 1.4 but I
> can't stand Amarok 2.
> Before I discovered Clementine, I used Quod Libet but I think that it
> is more suited to a GNOME environment.
> Cheers,
> Rémi / Akien.

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