[Mageia-dev] default kde media player

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Fri Mar 11 00:15:03 CET 2011

Quote: jamagallon wrote on Thu, 10 March 2011 23:38

> All desktops have their own 'standard' or 'official' media players.
> I will talk about gnome, you can translate it to kde, for which I have
> no idea of which will be the equivalents.

The 'offical' DE players are not necessarily the best choice.
Often they are just an afterthought maintained by only few programmers
without the same dedication as those people that maintain independent
media players (like mplayer, vlc, xine).

I have to say that vlc could be a good default choice as a video media
player for Mageia (for all desktops), especially as it's well known in the
Windows world too, so ideal for Linux newbies too.

I also think it's best to have a default video player and a separate
default audio player since IMHO there is no single player that is really
good for both.

My favourite audio player is Audacious.

> I think nowadays the default official players are capable of playing
> the main formats everybody will use (XVid, DiVX, h264, mpeg, mp3 or
> ac3 audio, etc...).

It is very unlikely that Mageia will have all those codecs by default,
since Mageia decided to only include codecs that are safe everywhere in
the world.
Personally I would have thought it would have been a great selling point
for Mageia if it had included by default all codecs that are safe in
France, taking advantage of the friendlier patent laws in Europe and
therefore gained a competitive advantage compared to other US
based/oriented distros.

By the way aren't mpeg2 and ac3 covered by patents in the US too?
I'm surprised these are included in Mageia.

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