[Mageia-dev] Will mageia keep the bugs in Mandriva

wolf python london lyh19901223 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 01:12:39 CET 2011

hey all,

I'm a mandriva (2010.2) user for the time being . I just saw a missing
packages list(http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=missing_packages).
And I have to say that I cannot stand the bugs in mandriva (2010.2).
I can list some of them:
1) scim-googlepinyin  sometime( no , exactly often) failed to work .
This is a bugs in googlepinyin input method(source code has problem) ,
so it shouldn't include in the released distros ,but Mandriva do
include .

2) scim conflict with emacs23
it's a very ,very BIG problem . emacs23 has a good support of mule and
work well with scim in other distros such Debian . But in Mandriva
users cannot use scim in emacs, which sucks!!

3)qt creator cannot compile the source code .it's tricky that qt
creator in mandriva often adds some verbose arguments to g++,which
the compilation failed .

4)python(2.x,3.x) doesn't shipped a GUI idle. Idle is the std IDE
shipped with python interpreter . I know in the /usr dir(I'm not in my
mandriva box,
and cannot remmember the exact path ),there is a idle.py script.  But
since it's a GUI IDE, why not let someone can use it by mouse click?

There are some other bugs with Mandriva. There are not so many people
use Mandriva here ,maybe the majorities  turn to  Ubuntu .
can I guess Mandriva users get lost ? And the package maintainers add
the packages without much enough testing ?
And I'm not reporting mandriva bugs to mageia . I just recommend that
mageia cannot  include the packages without serious consideration
mandriva).As far as this aspect concerned ,Debian is a good example to learn.

wolf python london(WPL)
Do as you soul should do !

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