[Mageia-dev] Alpha-1 Comments

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Mar 15 01:35:04 CET 2011

Le mardi 15 mars 2011 à 00:46 +0100, JA Magallón a écrit :
> Hi all...
> First of all, nice work, people !! Hope all version 0 alphas were like
> this...
> I know I'm late for Alpha-2, but here are some comments about the install
> of alpha-1, hope they are useful for beta-1 if they are not already fixed.
> For the missing packages, probably they are things accessible through
> repos once installed, but some I think they should be in the ISOs...
> Here we go:
> - lsb-release, it looks like the standard way of versioning...


> - Is the format of /etc/release stable yet or will it change ? If it is not,
>   you could add 'zeroes' where they should go. IE, if you ever plan to do
>   a Mageia 1.1 relase, please call this 1.0 instead of '1'.

Well, I think so far that Mageia 1, what would it change ?

> - could dmidecode be in the iso ?
-> bug report :)

> - same for gpm, could it be installed and enabled by default on the final
>   installed system ?
-> bug report too 

> - missing gnome things, like gnome-themes or gnome-panel, but I suppose this
>   is already fixed (btw, I seem to remember that Anne sent a URL for the
>   Alpha2 package list, but I have not been able to recall it from my mailbox...)
> - this is artwork matter, but, plzzz could you put the installer metal grid
>   background as GDM/KDM background also ? I liiiiike it ;)
> - a question: will mageia use systemd by default or not ?

Not for the first release.
But given the fact that Mandriva, Opensuse, Fedora are switching, and
since it bring some needed cleaning and improvement, I do think this
would be a good idea for mageia 2.

Michael Scherer

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