[Mageia-dev] Repository question: where do we put non-free+tainted RPMs?

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Tue Mar 15 20:34:50 CET 2011

Quote: Michael Scherer wrote on Tue, 15 March 2011 20:21

> Because some people do not care about patents and using tainted stuff,
> but do care about free licenses and do care about what it bring to
> them.
> I do. Stormi do ( or seems to do ). And I think that given we decided
> to
> split PLF for that precise reason, there is more than 2 of us to care.
> > Putting tainted packages in nonfree just causes more confusion
> > IMHO.
> As much as the reverse, it all depends on what you tell to people
> about
> the repository, what they expect and what you prefer to highlight. 

That's exactly why I suggested earlier in this thread that we need an
additional repo for 'tainted+non-free' packages, that's the only solution
that would satisfy every preference people might have and at the same time
make things clear for everyone (packagers, mirror maintainers, users).

Putting 'tainted+non-free' packages into 'non-free' is a messy
unsatisfactory workaround, not a real solution.
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