[Mageia-dev] HALectomy on mageia ?

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Thu Mar 17 04:38:51 CET 2011

Quote: Balcaen John wrote on Thu, 17 March 2011 03:16

> from the link i pasted ealier it seems we can simply rebuild most of 
> them 
> without hal support.
> The idea is to simply to do as much as possible to *not* link apps to
> hal not 
> to drop hal from mageia.

As long as functionality of the apps isn't affected I think that's ok.

But IMHO we should still keep hal at least in the repos as long as there
are apps that can't do without hal. Dropping apps just because they
require hal would IMHO be very user-unfriendly.

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