[Mageia-dev] [Note] Cellular providers

Olivier Blin mageia at blino.org
Thu Mar 17 22:18:14 CET 2011

"P. Christeas" <p_christ at hol.gr> writes:

> Just a quick note to packagers and myself, since web-interfaces are 
> prohibitive[1] at this moment:
> at /usr/lib/libDrakX/network/connection/providers/cellular_extra.pm:910 the 
> APN for Greek Vodafone is "internet.vodafone.gr"


This file comes from upstream mobile-broadband-provider-info, from GNOME:

The APN fix should be reported there.

> But, btw, why do we need all this in Perl?
> Couldn't we keep some more data-like format? The original one, one that is 
> used by other tools, or (I say) INI-like or JSON?

As misc said, our "db" was started before
mobile-broadband-provider-info, and using a perl structure was the
easiest way to get it working in drakx-net.

Now, the sane way would be to move our APN settings about into the XML
file of mobile-broadband-provider-info, and directly parse its XML in


Olivier Blin - blino

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