[Mageia-dev] base system size for next beta1

'Priscus' Hugot wizzard at twa-corbies.net
Fri Mar 18 02:03:47 CET 2011


I haven't had time to report the bug this evening (tomorrow,
hopefully), but Mageia minimum system size is 803Mo, with a minimal
install + base documentation and urpmi, no recommendations or X11. 

Lots of unnecessary KDE and Qt libs are installed, even though the
packages that required them have been unselected. 

There are also strange dependencies around libdrm (intel, nouveau,
radeon): many packets require them all, with radeon being the worst

I will upload the package lists on bugzilla tomorrow, both the whole
package list (compared to Mandriva 2010.1) and those requiring libdrm. 

Best regards, 

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