[Mageia-dev] base system size for next beta1

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Fri Mar 18 08:05:45 CET 2011

Anne nicolas a écrit :
> Hi there
> We've had quite a lot of comments, proved or not, about base system
> size. Looks like it's growing much too fast. So one job for next beta
> would be to investigate on this:
> - check real size
> - check deps
> - check rpmsrate for isos
> ...
> Comments welcome
good question
In principle, I think it should be something required by virtually any 
working Mageia system.

I notice  that there is a "basesystem-minimal" and a "basesystem", which 
adds requires "kernel" and "bootloader" ?!
(Both of which seem kind of essential ;) )

We should probably drop the distinction. (They are in the same source 
task package anyway.)
If we keep the distinction, we could make "basesystem" optional, and 
include not-absolutely-necessary-but-almost type packages.  This would 
make it easier to reduce "basesystem-minimal" in size.
(We could then maybe change the names to "basesystem" and 
"basesystem-plus" ? )

At first glance, most of the requires seem pretty basic to any realistic 
minimal Linux system.
The only thing I notice that is optional and somewhat big is vim (some 
20M), but some sort of editor is needed.  And it is pretty standard in 
*nix type environments.  (Not my favorite, but even I know how to use vim.)
We could always find an alternative, but it has to function without X.

We could save a lot of space without the bootloader and the kernel, but 
that would make it _really_ hard to get up and running :)

In sum, it's not apparent how we could save much space.

my (meandering) 2 cents :)


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