[Mageia-dev] Grub version

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Mar 21 16:26:25 CET 2011

Le lundi 21 mars 2011 à 15:02 +0100, Stefano Negro a écrit :
> 2011/3/21 Oliver Burger <oliver.bgr at googlemail.com>
> > Am Montag 21 März 2011, 14:47:34 schrieb Stefano Negro:
> > > I have seen version 1 in mageia and 2 in ubuntu.
> > Because Ubuntu has switched to grub2 and Mageia has not.
> >
> Ok, but why not give grub 2 only as option, if someone wants to install it.

Because no one did the work. 

This would requires first to do a package ( we do have a old one in
mandriva for starting, it may requires to clean the patches ), and then
prepare a script to create the proper bootloader ( as grub 2 is now
modular and we cannot and do not want to include all module, or the
bootloader may be too big ). 

This also requires to touch to various stuff like drakboot and so on.

That's not a trivial task.

A bug report already have been opened, if you want to follow the
progress : 


> In my opinion the compatibility with ubuntu's grub it's important, to give
> the possibility to try easily what's this group it's doing with such big
> efforts.

Can you be more explicit about "lack of compatibility" ? AFAIK and at
least on my laptop, grub 2 is perfectly able to boot a distribution that
has no specific provision for it ( in my case, a fedora 14 ), provided
you configure it correctly. 

And usually, for people who want to have multiple distributions, the
best way is to setup a independent bootloader on the MBR, that in turn
chainload various distribution  bootloader. 

This way, you benefit from the integration of kernel and bootloader of
every distribution, and you do not change anything once the distribution
have been setup. 
Michael Scherer

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