[Mageia-dev] ANNOUNCE: kernel-2.6.38 on the way.

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Mon Mar 21 21:18:26 CET 2011

On 21.3.2011 08:43, Thierry Vignaud wrote:
> On 21 March 2011 00:39, Thomas Backlund<tmb at iki.fi>  wrote:
>>>> Now, if you want full performance from the free driver, make sure you
>>>> have radeon-rlc-firmware and kernel-firmware-extra installed.
>>> When you know such things, please take care to patch meta-task's
>>> rpmsrate in order to do so.
>>> Sg like:
>>> 5 DRIVER"ATI Radeon HD 2000|r600" radeon-rlc-firmware kernel-firmware-extra
>> BTW, I now think it would be better to package all radeon firmwares from
>> kernel-firmware-extra in the same rpm, and remove the requirements for
>> kernel-firmware-extra for radeon users, wdyt ?
> I agree

Now done.

radeon-rlc-firmware is now renamed to radeon-firmware witch proper 
obsoletes and conflicts in place

kernel-firmware-extra, x11-driver-video-ati and meta-task updated
to cope with the change


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