[Mageia-dev] qt3-devel needed for Trinitydesktop (KDE 3.5 successor)

Balcaen John balcaen.john at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 11:37:12 CET 2011

On Wednesday 23 March 2011 04:49:21, Tux99 wrote:
> I noticed there is no qt-devel rpm in mageia.
If i'm not wrong qt3 was simply wrongly imported & pushed.
Also no apps seems to requires it at all (especially when there's no -devel to 
link against it)
I would suggest to drop it at all in fact.
> Can we please reenable the qt3-devel package as it's required to build the
> TrinityDE (www.trinitydesktop.org)
Did you rebuild qt3 locally & the whole trinityDE with sucess ?
Maybe we can simply wait for the migration to Qt4 instead of importing/linking 
again Qt3 before obsoleting it in 6 months  ?

Balcaen John

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