[Mageia-dev] Non-free firmwares in installer

JA Magallón jamagallon at ono.com
Thu Mar 24 00:08:40 CET 2011


First of all, I have tried alpha2 on a couple systems, and apart from some
glitches it works pretty fine, I could even work regularly on it...

But there is just one thing that disappointed me.

It looks that there is no non-free soft in installer DVD. I can live without
nVidia drivers till I add non-free repos and reconfigure X after first boot,
but for that I _need networking_.

I tried this on a laptop and on a non-wired desktop. In both cases the
wireless adapters were recognized, but were not activated because they
needed binary firmware blobs (intel for the laptop, Linksis PCI wifi
card for the desktop). The pain is that the desktop only network is
WiFi, no possibility to run a cable to my router from the opposite corner
of the house :(. So pick your USB stick and take a walk.

I suppose the same problem will be very common, for laptops and desktops.

Is there any possibility to include firmwares in the installed DVD ?
Could the rules be relaxed a bit or not ?

If people have only one computer, routed via wifi, they are in trouble...

As I said, you can live with free drivers for graphics, but you can't
without network :)).


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