[Mageia-dev] qt3-devel needed for Trinitydesktop (KDE 3.5 successor)

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 20:36:57 CET 2011

Op donderdag 24 maart 2011 14:10:39 schreef Romain d'Alverny:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 09:13, Tux99 <tux99-mga at uridium.org> wrote:
> > Like I said before, KDE3.5 coexisted very well with KDE4 since 2009.1 on
> > Mandriva and Trinity is even more so being developed with coexistence in
> > mind, so there shouldn't be any unsolvable issues.
> Maybe it did coexist well at a significant cost on the packaging side?
> (time, packaging compromises) and maybe the situation isn't exactly
> the same as then?
> > This is exactly what I would call a reasonable factual argumentation.
> But an argument is not going to make anyone progress one way or the
> other here obviously. If there are fears, then provide facts to
> counter them (no argument, but facts).
> You propose to add TDE in the repository. After this discussion, the
> next step is you to first package TDE, build and test and
> see/demonstrate how it goes, regarding at least these 5 points
> (summarized from above) before an integration is considered:
>  1. no conflict on files
>  2. install in %_prefix (not in /opt)
>  3. no duplicate software name (do not confuse user to decide between
> tde-k3b and k3b for instance - or find a realistic workaround use
> case).
>  4. at this point, no apps outside of the TDE project should require TDE
>  5. committed maintainers
> Romain

also promising to maintain qt3 as long as it's needed and here, the same 
thing, not conflicting with qt4 in any way

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