[Mageia-dev] qt3-devel needed for Trinitydesktop (KDE 3.5 successor)

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 25 10:21:50 CET 2011

Am Freitag 25 März 2011, 10:09:57 schrieb Tux99:
> What everyone here seems to forget is that a community distro should be
> first and foremost about FREEDOM. Freedom to let others enjoy their
> preferred software, not ARTIFICIAL RESTRICTIONS imposed by personal
> preferences or unnecessarily restrictive ARBITRARY RULES made up along the
> way by a few of the core members.

Sorry but I can't let that stand as it is.

A community distro is first and formost about community. Every time one of your 
ideas, suggestions, questions is answered by anyone with a "no" you begin to 
blame "a few of the core members", no matter how many people said no and who 
they were.
You just have to accept that in a community project like mageia there is a 
decission structure ( see out gouvernance model at 
So there isn't a secret inner circle of dictators who tell the other what to 
do and what not to do, it's an open structure in which everyone can 
participate. But if the majority of people take a decision, you just have to 
accept it.
If anyone just does what he thinks is best, we won't have a community project, 
we will have anarchy.

Perhaps you should consider that and stop writing unfounded accusations in 
capital letters, like you did here.

Just my 2 cents...


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