[Mageia-dev] qt3-devel needed for Trinitydesktop (KDE 3.5 successor)

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Sat Mar 26 11:23:49 CET 2011

Romain d'Alverny a écrit :
> On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 11:38, Tux99<tux99-mga at uridium.org>  wrote:
>> Also is there an official rule somewhere that specifies:
>> "because we don't want to have software built on a deprecated library in
>> the repository"
>> or is this simply an arbitrary rule that restricts freedoms of users and
>> other packagers?
> Nothing is always written down on paper. Saying it's arbitrary because
> it comes out of packagers' experience is a tad extreme. Saying that
> "restricts freedoms of users" is clearly excessive here. Again, it's
> not as if it was a closed product: users can open the box and package
> stuff too (ah yes, it's not dead obvious to do so, but that's
> something we can aim to improve in the coming years).
> What will come out of Mageia, in June, won't satisfy everyone. Choices
> will have been done. A choice is arbitrary, always. It always says no
> to something. Implying that this would "restrict freedoms of users"
> would be laughable at best, offensive at worst, especially since this
> is an open source project.
> That's not to say that people will just have to help themselves, we
> expect to make something cool and useful, but we're not going to say
> "yes!" to everything and everyone either.
>> In the early days a 'contrib' repo was suggested for not officially
>> supported packages (I was for that idea too), this would be a good
>> situation where a 'contrib' repo would solve this matter for everyone.
> Please open a bug for that if you think it's worth discussing it again.
> Romain

Isn't there a repo just for testing packages ? (Maybe "people" or 
"software" ?)
Maybe if they use that they'll feel a little less "demotivated".
And maybe once their project is stable, qt3-devel could be considered 
just for building their package, until they switch to qt4 ?
Just some ideas ...


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